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SERVICIOS ECOLOGICOS ACITAIN is a company dedicated to the recycling of oil filters and other hazardous waste generated by the automotive industry. The oil filters are crushed and their components, i.e. metal, waste oil and filter material, are dismantled and disposed of separately. This treatment process makes it possible to separate the major components (especially oil and metals) for recycling. Once this process is complete, 95% of the residues are returned to the production chain as raw material.

SERVICIOS ECOLOGICOS ACITAIN has the environmental clearance for the proper management of used motor vehicles. Since the Law 10/98 has come into effect, all vehicles are now considered hazardous waste at the end of their useful life. This means, that the proper recycling and decontamination at authorized centers (CARD) is compulsory.

SERVICIOS ECOLOGICOS ACITAIN is aware of the ongoing development of the recycling industry and therefore also has a department that deals with the recycling of other waste such as metal and plastic containers, and places importance on the processing and recovery of metals.


We are conscious of the environmental importance of recycling oil and fuel filters and other items with metal parts from the automotive industry (fuel filters, shock absorbers and metal containers) at national and international level.

2011. Servicios Ecológicos Acitain. Pol. Ind. Goitondo, Beheko Lau, Pab. 4.1, 48269 MALLABIA (BIZKAIA),

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